Adding Pictures and Your Logo to Your Website

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Using your logo and pictures on your web site personalizes your web site design to your business. High quality photos and logos enhance the look of your website. Dated photos and logos do just the opposite.


Common digital image formats are .jpeg ,(.jpg).gif, .png and .pdf.  Please refer to this article from Litmus for an explanation of each file format, including the pros and cons. .pdf is usually used for documents, such as forms and instruction manuals.



The higher the quality of the logo, the better. If you have a couple copies of your logo in different formats, go ahead and send us what you have. We will determine which one has the best quality. Preferred formats are: .ai .eps .pdf



You have 3 options for this:
• Send us pictures you have taken or have paid a photographer for use on your website
• Send us pictures that that your suppliers have given you permission to post on your website
• Buy pictures from a website that gives you permission to use pictures on your website
NOTE: Stealing pictures from the Internet is not acceptable as you do not want any legal issues with your website! Saving a few bucks is not worth the potential legal trouble.




  • Create a blank email and attach 1, or possibly more, photos to your email program (Max file size per email attachment is around 7MB).
  • In the text area of the email specifically tell us the page that that photo will go on and what the photo is. You may know what an excavator model 6700 is but we probably won’t. It is helpful if you name each of your photos.
  • Label the photo where you want it on the page if there is more than 1 picture per page. Before & After photos have to be labeled. (Ex: excavator-before-1.jpg).
  • If you are not sure how to do this correctly, then call us for more details or use Method B.


  • Create a folder on your computer with the name of your business.
  • Go into your new company folder that you just created then create a folder for each of the pages names of your new website.
  • Copy the picture from your computer or your camera and place it in the appropriate new folder for that page.
  • Label the photo what it is and give more details if there is more than 1 photo for a specific page. (Ex: before-shot-excavator-1.jpg)
  • Once you have copied all of the pictures into the folder recheck to make sure everything is correctly labeled and placed in the correct folders.
  • Copy the main company folder onto a flash drive or a cd and mail to us. We will not return the disk so make sure it is a copy.


Note on pictures: The picture should be the same file size as when you took the picture. If you reduce the file quality then it may show up grainy. If a picture you send us is only 2″ x   2″ we cannot make that picture any larger than the size you send us without degrading that image. We come across that once in a while as an older site may have some really good pictures but they are too small for the new site. You may need to retake that photo or try to find the original.


Call Coastal Web Services at 410-420-9390 with any questions.