5 Tips to Optimize Your Posts for SEO


Writing content for your blog post may not be easy. Thinking about what to write is a struggle, but how to write what you want to talk about maybe even harder. Once you have the subject, you need to know how to put in words what you want to explain. You need to know how to use those words if you want to reach more people. We are going to give you some tips on how to optimize your posts, in order to reach a much wider audience.

  • Before Writing Content Do Proper Keyword Research

You need to know how to write your content. Many people just write about what they like thinking that it will reach people easily.

Do not rely on blind guesses. It is not difficult to do keyword research to find what your users are looking for. Using keywords will expand the reach your posts are going to have.

Keyword research is one of the techniques used by content creators and also SEO experts.

Plan your strategy by using these keywords. When you write about topics that people are actually searching for, you will see the difference in the reach you have. This may also help you in finding new ideas for your content.

2. Find Semantic Keywords

Once you have finished with your keyword research, you will need to pick one. You usually pick the one with the lowest competition and with the highest search volume.

You now will have your focus keyword. This will be your search phrase, so when users search for it on the internet, they will see your post.

There are many pages on the internet where you can paste your content and see how many times you are using your keyword, like, for example, WordCounter. This will allow you to see if you are using your keyword effectively.

After doing this, you will need to find out the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. What is this, you may be asking yourself. These are all the searches that are related to your focus keyword.

It is not very difficult to find them. You just have to enter your focus keyword in Google Search and go to the bottom results. Take a look at the “related searches.”

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If you want to have the best content for your users, you will need to incorporate as many of these keywords as you can in your content.

3. The Importance of a Good Title

One of the most important things for your search ranking is the title of your post. The title of your post is what is going to make the difference. A good post title is what will make your article to be more relevant to the search query. What is more important than this is how the users will react to it, if they find the title engaging, they will click it, which will give you visits.

If you want to make your title SEO friendly, the only thing you have to do is to use your focus keyword in it.

Try making your headline catchy, make the user want to click it because your click-through rate (CTR) is very important when we talk about SEO.

4. The Importance of Meta Description in Your Blog Post

Meta description may sound a little bit abstract to you, but do not get scared, it’s not difficult to know what this is. The meta description is an HTML tag that you can add to any page you have. The meta description is used to provide a simple description of your article for search engines. There are some SEO experts who think that meta description is not important anymore, but we do not think like that. Any little thing that can make your post reach more people is important, so we do recommend using meta descriptions in all of your posts.

5. Make Easy to Read Articles

Nowadays, people just scan through content on the internet. Studies have found that the time spent by people to decide to stay on a page or leave is less than a second.

Your content needs to be very clear to your public. Titles need to be easy to understand as well as catchy, for example. Using shorter sentences, smaller paragraphs will make people read faster what you wrote and will make them engage with your content.

Using photos or videos is another extra point. This is good for SEO too. If your users see a photo, they will know what your content is about, that is, if you use a good photo, of course. Visual content is always something catchy.

These were some of the tips we have for you, there are more things which you can do if you want to reach more people, but for now, this is how you can start to improve your reach.

We hope this article helped you understand some things about SEO and how it works. Try to apply these steps into your own posts and see how it works.

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