What is SEO Analysis?


seo coastal web services search engine optimizationA search engine optimization (SEO) Analysis is when we run a report that details how you can improve your website rankings on the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. A lot of this looks behind the scenes of your website, but part of it looks at the quality of your web content, as well. The analysis commonly looks for and evaluates duplicate content, inbound links to your website, and uniform resource locator (URL) structure. 

Besides looking for duplicate content, counting inbound links, and evaluating the cleanliness of the URL structure, our SEO analysis will also look for meta keywords and description tags, malware, and robot.txt files. All of these different aspects of your website affect search results on the top search engines.

Coastal Web Services will provide you with a free SEO analysis. Chances are, unless you are already using an SEO company, we will find room for improvement and tell you about our SEO services and how we can help you by updating your website for search engine optimization. It’s sort of like taking your car in for an inspection. The mechanic will find certain things that need to be replaced, or that could be optimized to keep your car at peak performance. We want to help you keep your website running at peak performance, so it generates more business for your company. We offer affordable SEO services to small business clients throughout the east coast.

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