Web Design 102: WordPress vs Static HTML

Website Design

Which one should I use for my website?

Huh? You may not understand the question but it is an important question to ask. The 2 main ways of building a website are by using a Content management System (CMS) like WordPress, or writing all of the HTML/CSS code from scratch.

Using a content management system or another CMS has advantages and disadvantages. Know that in the end, everything comes out as HTML on the front end source code.


As a CMS, WordPress allows users to create, modify, and manage website content without rewriting the code. You enter new content into the WordPress Editor, and the WordPress software makes the changes needed for it to display correctly on your site. So there is always code processing going on in the background.

Advantages to Using WordPress

  • The website is easier to build.
  • WordPress has built in programs called plugins, which save a bunch of programming time.
  • Most people can edit the site themselves in a wysiwyg format. What You See Is What You Get.
  • Contact forms take much less time to build.
  • If you are paying for SEO services this is by far easier to manage than html.
  • WordPress has a BLOG included
  • WordPress has customizable design templates to make the design process easier and less expensive.

Disadvantages to WordPress:

  • Security needs to be monitored at least monthly.
  • Plugins have to be secured monthly and sometimes they break a feature on your site.
  • Sites may have slower load times for each page.
  • Templates have security risks.

34% of websites on the Internet today were built with WordPress.

Static HTML

With static HTML, your web developer (Coastal Web, in this case), writes all of the code, including your content. Then, once your website is live and on the server, it’s always like that. There’s no underlying code or plug-ins to maintain.

Advantages to HTML Website Design:

  • Fast page loading times
  • No plugins to break
  • Security breaches are rare (if good passwords are used)
  • Once the website is up it should work for 5-7 years without issues

Disadvantages to HTML Website Design:

  • It’s harder to update basic navigation changes, text, pictures, contact forms.
  • You need a custom graphic designer to make create the design look.
  • Cost of site design is higher — it takes longer to code than building a WordPress site.

So choose wisely. Which one will you pick? Here is a general guideline.

Select WordPress if you:

  • You want to do web marketing (SEO, Local Search).
  • You want to have blogs on your site.
  • You want to update your site regularly yourself.

Select HTML if you:

  • Do not plan on paying for web marketing services
  • Use your site as a glorified business card
  • Do not want the hassle of worrying about security issues on your website

So, since we highly recommend building your website with SEO, we would recommend WordPress for most of our clients. Heck, our website is a WordPress site!

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