Is Your Website Scaring Away Visitors?

Website Design

OK, cue the creepy music. Your website could be scary to look at if it’s really outdated, is hard to read, has a lot of spelling errors or takes forever to load. And by forever, we mean more than three seconds. Seriously. Research shows that the majority of internet users say they will leave a site and go back to the search results if it takes longer than 3 seconds for a page to load.

And if they’re looking at your website on their phone and your site is not mobile friendly? Forget about it. No one has time to swipe, pinch and enlarge. Nearly half of all visitors will leave if your site is not mobile friendly.

Another thing that can scare away visitors to your site is if a video plays automatically when the page loads. A lot of people access websites from work, and while you may like that catchy tune or informative video, having it play automatically might send someone running.

But there is help available. Coastal Web Services can help you with a website redesign. In a website redesign, we go over with you what your business does, what you want to highlight, and what you want to be known for (as in when people search for a plumber, do you want to be found?).

Once we have the basics, we can design you a new, user-friendly, easy to navigate, fast to load, mobile-friendly website that’s also attractive to look at and showcases your business. We highly recommend including or SEO consulting services as part of your new website design. SEO is easier to include in your website from the beginning, and will get you a faster return on your investment.

Soon, you’ll have a warm, welcoming and informative website that invites visitors to linger rather than back out quickly.

If your website looks a little worse for wear, doesn’t reflect what you do anymore, or is slow to load, call Coastal Web Services at 410-420-9390 or use our contact form to request a free consultation for web design or an SEO analysis, or both.

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