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Archive for February 2015

Tips to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Showing a little love for your business Facebook page can help you get more out of your social media marketing strategy. A daily visit is a must. More often if you have someone who handles your social media strategy. Make Your Posts More Visual. Photos and videos are the most engaging type of content on…

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Mobile Search is the Name of the Game

We have become an instant gratification society. Internet access has changed how we do things. For instance, when was the last time you looked in the Yellow Pages? Even the days when we used to sit at our desktop computers, researching a local business, are passing by quickly. Mobile usage now exceeds PC Internet usage.…

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Keeping up with Mobile Trends

By now, we hope you have read the writing on the wall and developed a strategy for making your business website mobile-friendly. Brands that have got on board with this trend are already enjoying the added visibility, usability and preferential treatment from mobile users that mobile-centered website design provides. If you want to stay ahead…

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Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings to Webmasters

Recently, Google started to send email notifications to webmasters whose websites are not mobile-friendly. Basically, this message is a reminder that these websites won’t rank well in mobile search. Coastal Web Services can adjust your pages to make sure that they get better rankings, with updates to your website design.

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SEO and the Web – Small Business Predictions for 2015

We know how a good website design and search engine optimization of your small business website can help you increase your business. But sometimes, prospective clients need to hear about it from someone other than us, because they think we’re just trying to make a sale. With that in mind, we thought you might be…

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Adding Bells and Whistles to Your Website

Purchasing a web site design is sort of like purchasing a car. There’s the base model, then the next step up, the step after that, and the fully loaded model. The base model of your new website design covers the basics: a good graphic design, Home page, About page, content pages, navigation, functionality, etc.  The…

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