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Coastal Web Marketing


You may think that once you have a website design and your website is up and running, that that is the last time you need to think about it. Wrong. If you allow your website to stagnate, and all of the content is outdated, your site won’t perform highly in search engine results, and if by chance a potential customer does visit your site, they may be turned off by the outdated look and content.

Adding a blog to your website allows you to freshen the content on a regular basis, and offer information that is useful to your customers.

Your Blog Adds Value

  • When you add a blog to your site, you can also easily update it with fresh information.
  • Google search engines Love Fresh Information.
  • Google search engines Love Relevant Information.
  • Your blog will help your website perform better in searches
  • Your blog can be shared with social networks, giving you free word of mouth advertising

Blog entries can promote your product or service without being in-your-face sales tactics. Tell the story of the customer whose problem you solved. Tell why you sell a certain brand over another. Tell about the latest technology that is changing how you do business, or how it will change a customer’s life.

You don’t have to have an exciting business to have a business blog. Every business has specialty knowledge that is not known to the general public. Use your blog to help inform your customers. Everyone likes to learn a little something now and then.

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