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Tips to Getting More Customer Reviews

Tips to Getting More Customer Reviews In today’s competitive business world, having a bunch of positive online reviews is important. 90% of customers say their decision on which product to buy or which service company to hire are influenced by online reviews, such as Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews and Angie’s List reviews to…

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Should You Use Cookies on Your Business Website?

Have you ever visited a website, looked at a product or researched something only to have an ad for that product or website appear elsewhere online, such as in your Facebook feed, or as an ad on a totally unrelated website? If you feel like you’re being followed, you are. This is done with the…

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Happy Independence Day from Coastal Web Services

Providing Web Design and SEO Services in Central Maryland Celebrating the 4th of July can mean picnics, parades, backyard cookouts, pool parties and more. But for small business owners, it can mean a loss of business, or an opportunity to create more business. Have you considered running an Independence Day special for your business? Offering…

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Can I Afford to Pay for SEO Services?

Search engine optimization is a form of web marketing that helps put your business website front and center when a potential customer is searching for your product or service. Consider Sally Smith, who is new to town, having just bought a house, and is looking for a handyman to help her fix up the place.…

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The Importance of Logo Design

Your logo is a fundamental part of your brand and marketing. Whether you have an existing logo and think it’s time for an update, or you’re starting a new business venture, a good logo design is a long-term investment I your business. It should come before website design, brochure creation or other marketing materials. A…

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What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

Like any business, web design and search engine optimization companies have their own jargon. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing. So when you see terms like SEO and SEM, you may be wondering what exactly they mean. SEO stands for search engine optimization, while SEM refers to search engine marketing. What’s the difference? Glad…

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How to Use Yelp for Local Business Marketing

Yelp is becoming more and more popular in local search. Consumers looking for products or services frequently read the Yelp reviews of a business before making a buying decision. As a business owner, you can use Yelp to your advantage, by showcasing your products and services, and connect with customers and prospects in your local…

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