How to Write a Blog

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Blogs are an easy addition to your web marketing strategy. Blogs can help you get free traffic, engage your customers, and help you increase business. Writing blogs creates new content for your website, and Google LOVES new content.

OK, so you’re busy. Blogging for small business might not seem like a priority, but consider this: “Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13X more likely to have positive marketing ROI,” according to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2014 report. A weekly blog shows you’re involved and up to date.

You can generate content for your blog by answering some of your customers’ most frequently asked questions. If you need to, Google for ideas, such as trends for your industry, how to find a good home improvement contractor/hair stylist, etc.; how to choose between Option A and Option B, etc.

DO NOT copy and paste someone else’s blog. Write your blog as if you were speaking to a prospective client. After all, that is who is most likely reading your blog. You can also incorporate pictures on your blog to show a before and after scenario, or incorporate a how to video.  It’s OK to link to an industry article or another blog if you first write something about your own thoughts about the topic.

If you as the owner of the company can’t write the blog yourself, consider who on your staff could, and assign them the weekly task. Of course, make sure you approve the blog entry before it’s posted.

Some tips for blog writing:

Make your writing easy to read. People scan more than they read. You need to make it easy for them to read your blog.

  • Keep your paragraphs short.
  • Use bullet points (they’re easier to read)
  • Keep your sentences short and simple
  • Write for a 5th grader