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, Reducing Eye Strain

OK, so we know this doesn’t have much to do with web design, but we have people telling us all the time about eye strain issues when they’re at the computer all day, so we thought we’d pass on some information.

Eye strain problems can range from eye twitching and red eyes to physical fatigue, headaches, decreased productivity and increased number of work errors.

There are several things you can do to reduce computer eye strain.

1.       Get a comprehensive eye exam to rule out other vision problems.

2.       Use proper lighting and avoid glare on your computer screen.

3.       Upgrade your computer monitor to a flat screen.

4.       Adjust the brightness, font size and other display settings on your computer.

5.       Blink more often. Yes, sounds silly, but it helps keep your eyes from drying out.

6.       Look away from the screen frequently.

7.       Take computer breaks.

8.       Modify your workstation.

9.       Consider anti-glare glasses if you already wear glasses, or special computer glasses if you don’t.

For a much more detailed explanation of these steps, check this out.

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