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Coastal Web is a SEO, search engine optimization, marketing agency that provides website marketing for your business. SEO Marketing is a method of digital marketing that can help you get more visitors to your website and help you to get more action on your website. Action meaning more engagement for phone calls to you or filling out your web form(s).


Statistics show 70% of internet users ignore the paid ads (PPC) at the top and click on the organic search results. Your marketing money might be better spent with an SEO company to organically optimize your website.


Do I need a Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing Agency?

To help us compare SEO Marketing to something you can relate to, remember the "build it and they will come" movie that Kevin Costner starred in? He built a baseball field and then before the end of the movie people came to the field with a massive line of traffic at night so in the dark you could see the amount of traffic coming. It was very impressive! Well, websites are NOT THAT WAY! If you build a website, that didn't get you much traffic or results before, the new website will probably not get you any more business after it is launched if all you did was build another web site.

So why do you need to be noticed online? Studies show that 80-90% of people do research online before buying a product or service. If you are not one that they research, how can you possibly expect to get their business? YOU NEED TO BE FOUND ONLINE!


What are some of the types of businesses that can perform well on Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing?

  • Accountant Firms
  • Alarm - security companies
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Electricians
  • Hardscaping
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Builders
  • HVAC Contactors
  • Junk Haulers
  • Lawn Care - Landscapers
  • Lawyers
  • Massage
  • Plumbers
  • Pool & Hot Tub
  • Veterinarians
  • Wood Shops
  • and more...


What businesses do not need a Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing Agency?
If you are business that cannot possibly take on any more work then you do not need SEO marketing. If you have a product that you make $1.00 profit on each sale, and you cant sell a thousand per month as a result of your website, you probably should not invest in a seo marketing program.


How long does it take to perform well with Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing?

That really depends on how competitive your business is in you area. It also depends on how much of a budget you have to work with. If you are selling $50,000.00 per year in product or services, you should probably be spending at least 10% of that money in marketing. So as long as you are not spending $5,000.00 or more on marketing you should consider going with an seo program. Mailers do not seem to work very well any more as printable marketing mailings seem to now have a very low return on investment.

As long as you have business cards, a phone that you answer, emails for all your clients and a web presence, you do have a chance at being successfully self employed. Obviously you also need to do a good job at your work and have some quality testimonials and reviews on major sites like Google and Yelp.


Do I qualify for Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing?
Its not so much as qualifying. The question should be does it make sense for my business model to spend money on a SEO marketing program and what is my expected rate of return on my investment. And that is a tough question for any seo company to answer. As a local SEO agency, we do not own Google or Bing or Yahoo so we cannot guarantee #1 rankings or a specified amount of business. I know you have seen many seo spam emails and had people calling you claiming to be google and trying to sell you seo. GOOGLE WONT CALL YOU TO SELL SEO! Google only wants to sell pay per click as that is how they make their money.

Most of those companies calling you or email you are not so legit. If someone calls or emails you to say that basically your site is horrible and wont ever get you traffic, and then list a bunch of things wrong, they are probably scamming you. They probably haven't looked at your site code, yet they KNOW your site sucks but they can solve all your problems, now give them your money. They are the scammers that gives our industry a bad name. Lots of scammers out there want to cash in on a person who doesn't fully understand the Internet.


How much does a Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing Agency charge?
SEO in 2019 has changed a lot even since 2017. Even if you did business with us or another company in the past, the methods now have shifted. Everyone now seems to be doing web marketing but everyone does something different. And as you may guess, the results are different. If you want to make a difference in how much business you are currently getting, you need to consider how fast you want to get to the top of search engines for your key phrases. If you want to do the slow method of getting there in 12-18 months then you could get away with as little as $ 400.00 per month. If you want to get there quicker then $800.00 per month will get you there much faster.

If you are in a highly competitive market and/or multiple locations, you probably need to spend $1,200.00 or more per month. Can you get there with multiple locations at $400.00 per month? Maybe! You could get there but by the time you get there Google may have made additional changes to make it that more difficult. With today's competition in mind, $600.00 or more per month will get you better results, for a single business location, within a 6 - 9 month period for most businesses.


How do you take payments for the Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing?
We now only allow recurring credit or bank card payments for our seo programs. We will pull your monthly agreed upon amount automatically using our recurring credit card merchant account on the 1st of each month for the upcoming month. We no longer accept checks for payment unless you pay in December for the upcoming year. Sometime in the month we will perform your seo services equal to the time you have pre-purchased for the month. For example, we charge $100.00 per hour for our services. If you paid us for 6 hours per month we work on your website marketing program for 6 hours that month.

Some months we will work a little more in that month and the following month we work a little less to balance out to average 6 hours per month in a calendar year. We sometimes go over that amount but we never charge you for that extra time. We never go below your paid hourly amount. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover.


How do I know my Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing program is working?

Every month we will email you where you stand regarding what we did in the previous month and where your main key phrases are positioned on the 3 major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Its also very important to know how you stack up against your competitors. With that in mind we will alternate our reports to show your google mobile and google desktop score in one month, another may be google, Yahoo and Bing and the next may be where each keyword phrase is positioned compared to your 2 main competitors.

You may request a meeting each month or only once per year. That is up to you. If you are business located in Maryland I can visit you at your business. If you are out of town we can arrange skype meetings. These reports are similar to stock reports in that each month they change. Over a period of time we want an increase in placement on rankings and website visits. Obviously the real factor is that your phone is ringing with new clients.


How long will I be on the Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing program?
That is up to you after the 1st year. Most clients have been with us for years as our seo program works, for most of our clients. We require a minimum 12 month commitment to be on our program. After that we continue billing you on a month-to-month basic until you cancel in writing. Why do we require that time? In most cases our customers see positive results in the 6-9 month time period and after.

In order to stay ahead of their competitors they know its not a good idea to stop being ahead of their competitors. That's why they stay with me for years, at their choice, which is the perfect business model. They need me and I need them so we help each other out!


Do you provide local search in your Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing program?
Yes we include local search in our SEO Marketing program. This can be another boost in getting more people to buy your product or service.


MY Search Engine Optimization SEO Marketing program is gonna make me rich!
You should never go into any marketing plan if you cannot afford to lose that money. Although we believe our program can help you otherwise we wouldn't sign a contract, some people are gasping for air in the hopes that our web marketing program will pull them out of their business funk and make them rich. If you are desperately needing new business you should talk to your accountant or a professional business coach because chances are there are other factors in your current situation that you need to be educated on. We can do great work but we need time to do it. Sometimes you can see increased results in as little as 1 month and other times it can be 6-12 months to see the benefits of this or any other marketing program.


What does the term organic search mean?

Search Engine Optimization SEO marketing is not paid advertising. It uses the unpaid and natural (organic) process of promoting content on search engines. This includes extensive keyword research and placement both in your visible text and the back end of your website. Search Engine Optimization SEO includes over 200 ranking factors. Its not as simple as doing a little bit of keyword research. Implementing Search Engine Optimization SEO should not be attempted by an amateur. You will need industry experts to get you a high ranking on Google. In a Google search there are anywhere from 1 to 3 sections showing on a page, a serp or search engine results page.

If its just listing 3 lines of text with a description and web address, that is 1 type of display. That generally indicates that phrase is not popular enough or profitable enough for google to place ads on that page.

If it is listing Ads at the top, maybe 1-4 ads, then the Google My Business map with 3-4 business showing then that include google ads and local search box known as google my business. Then lists approximately 10 organic websites with descriptions.

Another listing if you type in a term like "cars" , it will show the ads first, then the google my business then the 10 organic listings, then on the right column will show info about cars in general.

The listing format changes regularly but this is how it is seen on the day I am writing this information.


As a Search Engine Optimization SEO Company, we value communication with our clients. We can meet with you in many different ways. Because we value our customers, we will travel to your office to meet, or chat with you via skype or another video meeting platform as needed.  Our Search Engine Optimization SEO services and marketing programs are designed to fit your individual company and your geographical service area.


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