Can I Afford to Pay for SEO Services?


Baltimore, SEO Services, Harford County, Search Engine Optimization, Can I Afford to Pay for SEO Services?Search engine optimization is a form of web marketing that helps put your business website front and center when a potential customer is searching for your product or service.

Consider Sally Smith, who is new to town, having just bought a house, and is looking for a handyman to help her fix up the place. She goes to her laptop or smart phone, and searches for Anytown Handyman Services. Well, if you offer handyman services in Anytown, wouldn’t you love for your small business website to appear in the first few search results? Of course, the answer is yes. This is the best type of lead a business can get – someone who actively searches for your service and is ready to hire your company or buy your product.

This is the power of search engine optimization. Customer opportunities are the reason, as a business owner, you need to consider if you can afford SEO. The real question should be, “Can you afford not to have SEO services for your business website?”

If you already have a small business website, but seem to be losing business to competitors, a good SEO services company can analyze your website and make recommendations to revamp your website for SEO. If you are thinking about getting a brand new small business website, purchasing SEO services at the beginning can help you make the most of your money right from the start.

There are several things to consider regarding SEO services. First of all you need to get an idea of what types of services are out there, what to avoid and what to expect from reputable SEO services companies. Here are 3 reasons to NOT choose an SEO services company:

1. They are too affordable (AKA: only $99/month!). Run. If something is so affordable that anyone can buy it, the service will not be worth anything because everyone would be doing that to get high rankings on search engines. You get what you pay for. Services that are too affordable (cheap) could even do your business more harm than good.

2. They promise you #1 rankings on Google. No one can promise you anything on Google.

3. They buy “special” tools or backlinks. Search engines don’t like that and you will be penalized.

When you’re deciding what counts as “affordable SEO services” there are a few different perspectives businesses have:

  • Are you looking for “cheap” services because you have no budget?
  • Are you looking for quality services at a reasonable price?
  • Are you looking for awesome results that bring ROI even if the investment is substantial?
  • Consider what you are currently spending on marketing and advertising. Can you afford to add to this budget if it will bring you more customers and increase your ROI? Or if you are still spending money on the Yellow Pages and other outdated marketing efforts, can you be more effective with your marketing by spending that money on SEO services? It’s important to keep the big picture in mind and consider your long term goals. If you want your business to grow and be sustainable, invest in marketing services that will bring longevity to your brand.

If you are not sure where to start and you need an SEO analysis for your business, call Coastal Web Services today at 410-420-9390. Visit our search engine optimization page to learn more about what we have to offer.