An SEO Campaign Timeline


you want to start an SEO program- good idea! Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best ways to increase website traffic and bring in potential customers. But exactly how long will it take for your SEO campaign to really make an impact on your company’s bottom line? Keep reading to find out!

 Your Customized SEO Campaign

Depending on the nature of your business, the number of competitors in your area, and the kinds of keywords you want to target, the time it takes for your SEO campaign to gain serious traction may vary. A smart web design company will tailor your campaign to shorten this wait time and start getting you results as soon as possible. But it will take some time to see results. The general rule of thumb is that it takes between four and six months for SEO results to start showing up in a big way; and by then you’ll find out it’s been worth the wait!

The first couple of months of your search engine optimization program will be focused on getting the right keywords and geo locations targeted within your website. For an existing website, this may involve revising copy to incorporate keywords, editing individual pages, and adding metatags. The audit your SEO company completes will show you what direction you need to go in to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re getting a new website design, you should strongly consider getting an SEO program started at the beginning.

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The next few months of your campaign will be centered on creating new content for your website. Search engines love to see sites full of informative, valuable content, including FAQ pages, blogs, how-to videos and more. Not only do search engines like fresh, new web content, but so do your potential customers.

To round out a successful SEO campaign, you and your web design company will start to expand your site by taking advantage of other venues, such as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This will help direct traffic to your site and if your site is easy to navigate and optimized, it will boost your business. SEO is a continuing process. As the market changes and your business changes, your SEO campaign will need to change as well.

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