Year End SEO Analysis


As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to take a look at your SEO strategy, and whether you and your SEO company met the goals you set at the beginning of the year. It’s also a good time to set new goals, based on what the SEO analysis shows you, and if your company goals have changed.

In reality, you and your SEO company should be reviewing metrics and performance on a monthly basis, so that you can truly optimize your business website. But a year-end SEO analysis also helps you take a better look at the big picture, and helps you set goals for next year.

Some things to consider:

  1. Search Engine Share of Referring Visits You need to keep track of where your website traffic is coming from. Is it direct navigation, where someone types in your website name? Is it coming from trackable links in email or from the web? Or is it search traffic where someone clicked on your website after performing a search?
  2. Analyze Search Engine Referrals Compare volume contribution of each search engine with its market share. If your search traffic drops dramatically, it’s important to know how much traffic you usually get from a specific search engine. If search traffic drops across the board, it’s probably an issue of accessibility. But if search traffic only drops with Google, you’ve probably been penalized.
  3. Analyze Visits for Specific Search Engine Terms and Phrases Keep track of the keywords and phrases used in search that end up directing traffic to your site. This can help you identify keyword trends, gauge your performance on specific phrases, and identify terms that are bringing in traffic that you are under-optimized for,
  4. Analyze Conversion Rate by Search Term/Phrase Your conversion rate for your website is one of the most important metrics for your business. Your SEO analytics will tell you which pages on your website get the most conversions (people call, email or make a purchase) and what search phrases they used to get to those pages. That then allows you to further optimize those pages, and allows you to consider getting rid of other pages, or changing their focus.
  5. Number of Pages Receiving a Visit from Search Engines Knowing the number of pages on your website that receive search engine traffic is key. As you build your SEO strategy, you should see the trend line going up – that is, as more and more pages are optimized for SEO, the search engines are indexing them.

There are many more metrics to measure and analytics to delve into when it comes to your overall SEO strategy, but these are some of the key points to help you get the most from your SEO efforts and SEO company.

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