Using Your Facebook for Business Page to Improve Your SEO


Utilizing social media marketing has a huge potential to increase your sales. Let’s talk about Facebook, specifically. And no, we don’t mean Facebook ads. Your business Facebook page helps you increase brand awareness, improve brand loyalty and get better ranks in SERPs.

And know that when we say “brand awareness” we are just saying make people more aware of your company and what it has to offer.

Did you know that 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from brands/companies they follow? And did you know 47% of Americans say Facebook has a greater impact on their purchasing behavior than any other social network? And this is especially true since Facebook added the widget for asking for recommendations.

Besides having a Business Facebook page with your address, hours, location and the basics, what’s a business owner to do? We have some suggestions that relate to updating your Facebook page as a whole, and with posts:

  1. Place keywords in strategic locations. Facebook limits where you can write large amounts of text, so if you want to use key words and phrases, you should use them on every post. The About section allows you the greatest opportunity for a large amount of text that explains who you are and what you do, and allows you to use your key phrases and related phrases to your benefit.


So there really is no justifiable reason to leave that About section blank. Use the About section on your website for guidance, but don’t copy and paste.

  1. Optimize Facebook status updates for SEO. Every time you post an update on a project, talk about a special, wish your Facebook fans Happy Holidays, create an event or share cute photos, it’s an opportunity to improve your SEO. Take advantage of the descriptive fields to add keywords because even if it takes only one minute to fill in everything, it can make a difference in your SERPs ranking. Keep in mind that this text will become the SEO title of your Facebook post.
  2. Include your address to improve your local SEO. This one is pretty simple. And if you want people to know you’re in their part of town, why wouldn’t you include your address? Even if you run your business out of your home, you need to include something.
  3. Link to your business Facebook page from your website. This is a no brainer for whoever built your website. If you don’t already link to your business Facebook page, get that done ASAP. Many people who visit your website will click on the Facebook link to see reviews of your company, and to see if they can get a discount or special offer by “liking” your page.
  4. Use the Notes feature on your business Facebook page. You can post Notes to update your fans and customers on important news, or update them in a crisis. This is different than just writing a post. And assuming your business page is public, Google will search and index the Notes section on business pages. This is not true of personal pages. So, this is another chance to write keyword rich content on your business Facebook page. Be sure you include relevant keywords in the title of your post. And yes, it should have a title.
  5. Post direct links to your website on your Facebook page. Every post should have a link back to your website (backlinks). Post links to your blog on your Facebook page. Post something about a recent job you completed and link to the relevant Services page. You get the idea.
  6. Engage with your reviewers. Thank people for good reviews. Publicly offer to work things out with people who left negative reviews. Visitors to your Facebook page will appreciate that you didn’t just ignore the person who left a negative review.
  7. Above all, post frequently and post content that will engage visitors. Post about something good that happened that day. Post about a new service. Post about a special offer. Post pictures of your employees on the job. Ask questions. Take a poll. The more engaged people are on your Facebook page, the more visible it becomes to Google. And the more engagement you get on positive posts, the less likely that negative review is t stay at the top of the page.
  8. Use calls to action (CTAs) and ask people to like and share posts. Consider offering a chance to win something or get a discount.
  9. Have fun with it. Use your own voice, and be real. Of course, always be professional.

If you as a business owner take a little time to review your Facebook page and make sure it gets new posts on a regular basis, you should start to see some results. If you feel you have the time or computer savvy, hire someone to do it for you, whether that’s a company employee or an outside firm.

If you need help keeping your business Facebook page up to date and adding new and engaging posts, Coastal Web Services can help. We offer SEO consulting services, social media marketing services and web design services to small businesses in the Mid-Atlantic and Alabama.                              Call us at 410-420-9390 for a free SEO analysis.

Tips to Getting More Customer Reviews


Tips to Getting More Customer Reviews

In today’s competitive business world, having a bunch of positive online reviews is important. 90% of customers say their decision on which product to buy or which service company to hire are influenced by online reviews, such as Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews and Angie’s List reviews to name a few.

Customer testimonials on your website are still good, but some people may not even visit your website if your overall star rating is 3 or below, or if (gasp!) you don’t have any reviews at all.

With that in mind, here are some easy ways to get more customer reviews:

  1. Go above and beyond. You’ve probably heard the phrase “under promise and over deliver”. It’s great advice for any business, and allows you to exceed expectations. Nothing makes a happy customer like delivering on time and under budget or handling unexpected issues with grace. Make it a company policy to always offer polite and friednly customer service, every step of the way. Deliver a product or service so great they can’t wait to tell everyone about it!
  2. It’s not about you. It’s about your client. Let them know you care about their experience and appreciate their feedback. You can use any requests for a review to make sure your customer was totally satisfied with the product or service they bought, and the treatment they received. Asking for reviews is pretty common, but it’s important that you don’t talk about how important it is for you to have reviews, but to focus on how by completing a review, your client can help others make a buying decision when it comes to your products and services. Tell your customer how much you enjoyed working with them and hope to work with them again in the future.
  3. Make it easy. Make it easy for your customers to provide feedback and reviews. Provide them with links to the various review sites – you don’t want them to have to spend time searching. One of the simplest ways to do this is to have a Tell Us What You Think! Page on your website that links to your company page on the various review platforms. You should also include a link to the review page in your email signature.
  4. Follow up. If you have an ongoing relationship with a client, they are more likely to use your services again and again. Allow some time to pass, for your client to have gotten some use out of your product or service, and send them an email to follow up. Ask them if they are happy with the service, and if they are, ask them to consider writing an updated review. This is also a good time to correct any problems they may bring up. A follow-up review is especially helpful if the product or service has exceeded their expectations. Again, make it easy for them by providing a link .
  5. Show your gratitude. Offering an incentive for completing a review is an excellent way to increase the number of online reviews for your business. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be an entry to win a gift card, a free sample or a discount on the next product or service they buy. You need to be sure that they know this incentive is not tied to them giving a positive review. You want people to be honest when giving feedback, not feel like they are being bribed.
  6. Do not write fake reviews. If you don’t have any reviews yet, do not be tempted to write a fake review. Reach out to long-time, satisfied customers to get the ball rolling.
  7. Monitor your reviews. You need to monitor your reviews, thanking people for positive feedback, and offering to help work out a solution with clients who leave negative feedback. Keeping track of what people are saying about you, and responding directly to them, shows prospective customers that you are on top of things and offer great customer service.

As an added bonus, customer reviews can help your SEO efforts in several ways.

Creates fresh user-generated content. Google loves fresh, relevant content.

Boosts long-tail keyword traffic. People who leave reviews will use language similar to what your target audience will use in a search.

Boosts social conversation. What if a series of impressive/glowing reviews increases your company’s popularity? Consider incorporating reviews into your social media marketing strategy.

Google favors highly rated sites. Customer reviews boost your social proof, or online credibility.

Get visible star ratings from Google. When star ratings are displayed in Google search results, prospective customers can instantly judge if they trust your company enough to visit your website. This helps increase traffic, and possibly sales. Google relies on specific third-party review sites to determine your star rating.

Sites with 4-5 stars are going to get more clicks than sites with 3 or less stars, or no reviews at all. Check out this blog for more in-depth information on how the whole Google stars thing works.

So, there you have it. Once you implement a plan for asking for reviews, it gets easier.

Coastal Web Services can help you automate asking for reviews, and following up. We also offer online reputation management services to our clients. We offer a full range of web design and SEO consulting services. Call us today at 410-420-9390 or use our contact form and someone will gt back to you. We serve clients in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware, as well as North Carolina and Alabama.


The Value of Customer Testimonial Videos

Web Videos

The Value of Customer Testimonial Videos

We know your customers think you’re great. But do your prospective customers know?

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and you need to take full advantage of it. A newer way to do that (beyond listing them as a referral on your marketing materials or getting them to do a review on your Facebook page) is through customer testimonial videos.

According to a survey by BrightLocal, more than 85% of consumers turn to online reviews to determine whether or not a local business is reputable. Video testimonials are a great way to bring positive online reviews directly to your potential customers. You can incorporate customer testimonial videos into your website, as well as into your social media marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

Video customer testimonials bring authenticity to your business in a way that quotes and text-based case studies just can’t. Hearing a live, satisfied customer talking about their personal experience with your product or service not only leaves a good impression on new visitors to your website, but also builds trust by backing up the claims you make about your business.

Making a customer testimonial video is pretty easy, especially if you’re working with a web video production company like Coastal Web Services. If you have before and after pictures of the work you did for your client, you’re off to a good start. Customer testimonial videos generally only show a little of the customer talking. A lot of the video is then covered with pictures or video while the customer is still talking.

If you have a project you’re especially proud of, and your client is especially happy with it, ask them if they’ll lend their voice and face to a customer testimonial video for you.

For more information you can reach us at 410-420-9390. We are the team at Coastal Web Marketing providing SEO web marketing, website design and web videos for small businesses.

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