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Coastal Web Services provides web video production services to all of our clients. Web videos help you market your business in an interactive way. We are constantly evolving and mastering our industry’s latest technology in order to deliver creative web videos designed to engage the viewer. Our videos are not commercial TV ready videos, they are more geared towards the local flavor of keeping it simple and keeping it real. No special effects or award winning presentations on our basic video here. Local business owners are problem solvers in their industry. In other words, they are the local experts in their field.

Web videos can help your SEO and draw more traffic to your website!

Customers in the U.S. are more interested in buying local and showing your down to earth, ready to help attitude, may win you those new customers. Not the slick corporate generic images you see on some videos. People want to work with local people but the business they select also has to know their stuff and they have to have good reviews in places like google and Yelp. With video we can help you get your message across in a clear concise way!

This video contains several web video formats, including photos and video.

Web video production services, includes.

  • Script writing – all written with SEO in mind
  • Take photos and video as needed
  • Provide professional custom background music
  • Video production
  • Add the completed video to your YouTube channel
  • Create a YouTube channel for you if you don’t already have one
  • Add your video to your web site

The best web videos for your business website are engaging and informative. We produce several types of videos:

  • Theme based Video Production for your specific web pages
  • Testimonial Video Production for client satisfaction
  • Product Demo Video Production for showing how your products can help your clients

More and more videos are being used online. Take notice of all the online news websites. You will see that they have a video and then text. This is where we are headed with less emphasis on text. You need both text and video today to maximize your opportunity to gain someone’s business.

Youtube Videos

Why are we promoting YouTube video for your video storage? There are several reasons we like, such as:

  • The platform is owned by Google so they have good SEO ranking power.
  • They give you a channel, like a tv channel, to put up as many videos as you want
  • They track ownership of videos uploaded
  • If you get enough visits of the videos you created, Youtube will pay you for your channel
  • They store all the video files on their server saving your website disk space and load speed time
  • Your videos are stored there like your own an Icloud account
  • Youtube channel is currently free to use
  • Anyone can share your video and you are then are listed the owner who is getting the publicity and potentially income from extensive play time

We can help you create your youtube channel and upload video for you. We can also teach you how to utilize that service so you have control of all your videos.


Video Editing

In making videos we either use photos, video or a combination of both. We can also use computer screen shots, computer screen video, custom graphics and more, depending on your goals and your budget.  Video can be accomplished several ways:

  • We can shoot the video
  • You can shoot the video

Most cases we shoot the video but if you are not local to us, we can still make a video for you. We can create a dropbox account where you share your video files with us and we create the video through our video production services.  Contact us for your specific project questions.


Custom 3D Animations

Custom 3d animation is a technique that animates a video of you talking. And more advanced techniques can be used for specific applications. Its a cool technique that may draw more attention than the standard video. Its not for everyone but is a nice alternative to basic videos.


Facebook Videos

If you are looking to run Facebook ads, you probably want to consider providing a 30-45 second video. When running Facebook ads, your return on investment will probably be low if you only use basic text in your ad. There are other techniques that can be used to get a better result using a/b testing of your video ads. Stop wasting money on ineffective ads!

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