An effective video or videos can be a big part of your company’s overall SEO strategy and marketing strategy. One video can be used on your for web marketing, social media marketing, in email marketing campaigns and more. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

With more than 7 billion videos watched daily on YouTube and Facebook, it’s no wonder that video content is now the number one method to sell products and services online. Ideally, every product or service page should have its own video, to showcase the product or service.

Just like anything with your company, you want to project professionalism and competence. That’s why it’s important to work with a video production company to ensure your videos get your point across without looking amateurish.

There are several main types of videos that can turn visitors into buyers.

How It’s Made These videos show consumers how the product is developed, manufactured or built. This type of video may need to include close-ups of any handiwork. This could be a time lapse video or an edited version of a live video. This would work for a business that handcrafts products such as woodworking or jewelry, or a service company such as a landscaper or homebuilder. You can easily turn static photos of a process into a video.

Torture Testing These videos are used to show the durability of a product, and show the product being tested to extreme limits. Memorable videos include a bowling ball being dropped on a laminate floor, red wine being spilled on carpet, hurricane-proof windows, etc. You may be able to just use the video from the manufacturer’s website, but customized videos can outweigh them.

Tours These video tours have been put to excellent use by realtors, but are also good for flooring stores, paint stores, jewelry stores, clothing stores, and other stores that have a lot of products to show off.

How to Videos Perhaps one of the most popular videos is the How To video. These videos can show how to use a product, how to install it, how to fix it, how to wear it, etc. These videos can also be informative, rather than trying to promote your product. An example would be a plumbing website that showed someone how to unclog their garbage disposal, or a heating and cooling business that did a video on how to program your programmable thermostat.

Comparisons These videos can show how one model of a product line stacks up against another, or how your product stacks up against the competition. Just be careful, if you’re comparing competing products that you follow all of the guidelines and legalities involved.

Product Demo These are focused videos showing someone using the product. This is great for selling things like lawn equipment (think zero turn lawnmowers) tools, cars, etc. It can be relatively simple, from someone wearing an item of clothing, to a road test of a vehicle. The automotive companies have been using product demos in their commercials for years.

You can also use this type of video to show how you do something. For instance, a plumber could show how they use the auger to clean out a clogged sewer pipe, or a basement waterproofing company could show the process of installing French drains.

Testimonials A heartfelt testimonial video from a customer that really loves your products or services can be just the little nudge that someone needs to go with your company instead of the competition. Especially if the testimonial talks about how you went above and beyond in your customer service.

With Coastal Web’s video production services, we handle it all. We write the script, provide the background music, shoot the video or edit photos into a video, produce the video, add the video to your YouTube channel and website. If we handle your social media marketing and email marketing campaigns, we can also include your videos there.

For more information you can reach us at 410-420-9390. We are the team at Coastal Web Marketing providing SEO web marketing, website design and web videos for small businesses.

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