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Local Website Design

We are a local website design company serving businesses in mostly the Maryland area. In addition to MD businesses, we also provide our services to companies in several states across the country.

Our main clients are local mom and pop shops but we also provide services for larger businesses, including franchisee websites.

Why Hire Coastal Web?

Over the years we have built a great reputation. Building a quality website takes thought, experience, testing and follow through. Building a website is no longer just about how it looks!

  • What was the user experience?
  • Did they engage in more than one page?
  • How long did they stay on your site?
  • Did they contact you either through a phone call or an email?
  • Do your visitors return to your website or did they visit only once?

An important question to ask yourself is what is the goal of your website? Are you building a glorified business card or do you expect more from your website? Most of the businesses we run across now want their website to help them bring in more clients.

Once we understand your goals, and your business, we can help you select a plan that works best for your company today! We’ll give you plenty of options to choose from before narrowing it down to the final web design.

How long does it take to build a website?

The time to complete your website and get it up and running can vary widely. Simpler websites can go live in 6-12 weeks if everything goes smoothly.

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Want your project completed faster?

Here are some tips to help you get organized quickly, regarding the content that will go on your website!

  1. Create a folder on your computer called “new website design”
  2. Open up the new folder you just created
  3. Create a folder for each web page you want on your new site
  4. Copy your text and pictures you want for each page into the correct new folders
  5. Once you are done, upload your “new website design” folder to our dropbox account

After you upload your files to us, we will talk with you to confirm all the information is clear and correct. We will also ask you questions like what sites do you like and why? We can then choose the perfect layout, graphics, photos, fonts, color scheme, and more for your web design. If you chose for us to help write or rewrite your content then we will immediately start on that before we create your new design look.

There are many pieces involved in building a quality website. Here’s the best part! There are no mandatory ongoing design fees! Just keep your web hosting and domain purchases on auto-renewal and you should be good-to-go!

So what are you waiting for?

Looking for a great website design company, call Coastal Web Marketing at 410-420-9390 or CLICK HERE to fill out our contact form.