The Importance of Logo Design

Website Design

Your logo is a fundamental part of your brand and marketing. Whether you have an existing logo and think it’s time for an update, or you’re starting a new business venture, a good logo design is a long-term investment I your business. It should come before website design, brochure creation or other marketing materials.

A good logo design is not cheap, but it doesn’t have to break the bank, either. A professional graphic designer can create a quality logo for an affordable price. You want your logo to be designed by someone who has formal education in design and who understands the importance of bringing fonts, colors, and shapes together into one cohesive presentation.

Professional logo design and logo redesign from Coastal Web Services starts with discovery. Our graphic design team will ask questions so we can learn about your business and your target customer. Then we go through multiple rounds of design review for typography alone. This will then be followed by several rounds of color review and selection. The final output will produce your logo in a variety of file types and be accompanied by a branding guide of fonts and colors used in its creation.

When you’re ready to begin the logo design process, we recommend that you keep five elements in mind.

  • Keep it simple – The more complex a logo becomes, the harder it is for people to digest and remember it. Keeping the logo design simple will allow it to be intuitive and remain meaningful.
  • Take time to explore typography – Selecting the right fonts is one of the most important steps in logo creation. It’s so important that we start with colorless font choices for each logo design we do. The font used in your logo will carry over into your website and other marketing materials.
  • Consider color options carefully – Color can create an emotional response, so it is a good idea to carefully consider color theory in selecting your logo’s color palette. In picking your color palette it is important to not only consider the emotional aspects of the choice, but also the international ramifications of color selections and their ability to be displayed on digital media like a website or social media profile.
  • Make it memorable – If I asked you about the logos of NBC, Google, YouTube, McDonalds or Nike, you would (or should) immediately picture the logo appear in your head. You’ve pulled this logo from memory and you were able to do so because it was memorable. That is the ultimate goal of logo design, and these organizations have all done an amazing job of creating memorable logos.
  • Remember versatility – Your logo will be used across a variety of mediums from traditional placement like business cards and mailers to digital media such as websites and social media accounts. Make sure your final logo design will works in both arenas.

Does Your Logo Need an Update?

A great logo will help reinforce the who and the why of your company. We’d love to help create that image. Let’s start working on your logo design together. Call Coastal Web Services at 410-420-9390 to get started.