Responsive Web Design

Website Design

Responsive web design is vital to the success of your web site design. It allows your website to detect the screen size it is being pulled up on, and automatically adjust to best fit that screen size.  This ensures that you are giving your potential customers the best user experience possible, regardless of what screen size or device they are using to view your site.

Think about it. If someone cannot easily browse your website on their phone or tablet without having to enlarge it and move it around, they are not going to stay long enough to find out about what you have to offer. This goes for businesses in the Baltimore area      as well as nationwide.

The beauty of responsive design websites is they use coding that actually changes the layout and content displayed, depending on the device viewing the website. Text is always clear, easy to read and images are always easily understood, even on a smartphone. Responsive web design has been an increasing trend since 2012 and is now the standard for web design.

Every new web design Coastal Web Services creates uses responsive web design. If your older web site is not responsive but you’re not ready for a total overhaul, we can create a separate mobile website design for you.