SEO: Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

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Optimizing your website to attract search engine attention — a practice known as on-site search engine optimization — can be a complex process. However, following three simple steps can help improve your ranking, which may result in more visits to your site.

Coastal Web Services is a local search engine optimization company experienced in creating and managing your SEO program. Call us today at 410-420-9390 to get more information. We incorporate all of the steps below into your optimization program, plus a whole lot more.

The three steps are:

  • Create quality content;
  • Find and repair broken links;
  • Optimize meta description and title tags.


  1. 1. Create Quality Content

Adding well-written content to your website is one of the most critical activities you can undertake. If you are getting a new website or updating your website design, you may want to use the services of our web content writer. Writing legal documents or business proposals is quite different than SEO writing. SEO copywriting follows a distinct, easy to read style, and incorporates key phrases throughout your web content. Marketing your business through the use of content can not only help improve your search engine rankings, but also is a way to influence buying decisions, particularly for research-intensive purchases. Another way to add quality, informative content to your website once it is up and running is to add a blog.

  1. 2. Find and Repair Broken Links

Google Webmaster Tools is a valuable free tool for managing websites, giving insight into key measures of website health like page load times, volume of pages indexed in Google, and the site’s appearance in search results.

Using the “Crawl Errors” report in Google Webmaster Tools, we’ll take time each month to review the status of links pointing to your web pages. Coastal Web Services can do this for you as part of our SEO services.

If a broken link was linked from somewhere on your site, we’ll go to that page and update the link to point to the new URL or correct page. If the linking page is on another website, we’ll contact the site’s owner and ask him to update the link to point to the right section of your site.

  1. 3. Optimize Meta Description and Title Tags

As part of our SEO services, we will make sure we optimize the “meta description” and “title” tags throughout your website.

The “title” tag is a piece of metadata that tells search engines the name of a web page. It’s also the blue link in a Google search result. The “meta description” tag is used to give potential visitors a short description of what the page is about, and makes up the plain text beneath the blue link in a Google search result.

By following these three steps, we can help you improve your ranking over time. Call us today at 410-420-9390 to discuss how search engine optimization can help you increase your business.