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Baltimore County, web video production, Harford County, web video, Text Writing for Web Video ProductionWeb videos are yet another way to add new content to your website, to make it more interesting to Google, which of course places you higher in search results. Read more about our web video production services here.  If you decide to write the text for your web video yourself, we’ve compiled some helpful hints to get you started:

– Write the text you want on your video and read your text out loud. The time should be approximately 50 seconds for a 1 minute video.
-Google has the capability of converting the voice to text and uses that as part of their formula to determine if your video relates to what your page is about. With that in mind you want to say what you do (Your keywords). And you want to mention your geographic areas as well. Example: Bel Air Maryland, Harford County, Baltimore County.
-Overall you want to tell a story so it is interesting and make sure it relates to what you do or what you say you are doing on that page. You want to include Who, What, When, Where, and if you have time, Why and How.


Example: If you are a plumber and you are adding a video to your hot water heater page then the topic needs to all about water heaters (not toilets , sinks, bathtubs, etc.) If the video is on your Home page, then you are allowed to say everything. But keep in mind your time limitations. Unless a video is fascinating, most people won’t listen to more than a minute. The exception is how-to videos.


When we are done producing your video and you approve it, your Web video is uploaded to your own YouTube account then loaded into your web page with YouTube code.


As a full service Harford County web design company, Coastal Web Services also offers web video production. If you don’t want to write the text yourself, we can have our web content writer take care of it for you. If you need a web video production company to produce videos for your website, call us today at 410-420-9390.

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