The Importance of Good Web Design
Design has had many trends which now may be obsolete or, some of them still exist. The ones that have survived did so because of recurring indicators that have manifested as good web design in different styles changes, internet changes, and of course, web development changes.

As time passed, CSS, HTML, and Javascript frameworks evolved. In terms of front-end development, these frameworks have come a long way. We now also have different tools that help us with implementing modern, artistic, minimal, and beautiful websites. But, how do we differentiate a good design from bad design? This is what we are going to explain now by commenting on the challenges designers face when they have to come with good ideas for their web pages.

Using WordPress
WordPress is now the main format used to create websites as it has made life easy for people who want to update their own page content and allows BLOGs in their architecture. There are free sites and there are sites that you pay a company to build.  The free sites are fine if you have no budget to market your site. If you plan to market your site with organic SEO Marketing, those free sites will probably not work for you.

Navigation in Your Website
When you design your website, you need to think about how the users are going to navigate through all your content. Navigation is one of the most important elements when we speak about good web design, and it’s also good for user interaction statistics with your website. You be very organized with your content and how the user navigates through it, in order to give an optimal experience to users when they explore your website.

Good navigation is usually a clean navigation bar. Sticky navigation bars are the most used nowadays. This bar should blend into the site, so it does feel natural when you see it. Do not forget about the mobile version. The design should always be mobile-friendly. We live in the smartphone age, that is why having a mobile-friendly site is very important. Your site should accommodate smaller screen sizes, and also it should be able to replicate functionalities from your website in your mobile device.

The Use of Images
Images can make a difference in your website. The first thing you are going to see on a website is going to be the banner, so having the perfect image is what is going to give that impact you want. You can have a great layout, but without the correct images, you won’t put the full potential of that layout to use. Your blogs, your products, and more, all those elements need to be accompanied by the perfect images to make a great impact on the user. Always use high-quality images. You don’t want a bad image resolution to mess with your site, so be sure to use the best photos you can find.

Know Your Icons
Do not underestimate the power of a good Icon. Knowing how to use these elements will play a favorable role in your site. They can change how your website looks. These elements can make your site look more professional and interesting, giving a sleek touch to them. They are not as powerful as images, of course, but every single element in a web page will make a difference when you group them together.

In conclusion
There are many things you can do with your site. Of course, the first thing you need is for you to be happy with it. Explore the market, look at how other people do things, see what works and what doesn’t. Design has one special function, and that is to let design function. Use your imagination and use all the tools you have at your disposition to make something amazing for your users.

The Importance of Good Web Design
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