Using Images and Web Videos in Your Web Content

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Web content today takes a variety of different forms. Your customers are not just expecting interesting and informative text. They want more. They’re looking for images and web videos that help to draw them into your material. This is especially important if you’re trying to explain how something works. Think about it. When you were in school reading a textbook, if there was a graph or diagram, it was easier to understand the lesson.

Images can be compelling across the digital spectrum. For example, Tweets that contain images receive 5x more engagement than those that do not. Our brains are wired to be visual, so images help potential customers process information and understand your content up to 60,000 times faster than text. So consider adding a how to video or a demonstration video or diagram to your more complex web content. A web video like that can also help your SEO, as more and more people search for “how stuff works”.

Web videos have begun to play an increasingly important role in any successful digital marketing strategy. According to Forbes, more than half of senior executives say that they would rather watch a video than read text when both are offered. It also takes the benefits of images and amplifies them. Now instead of seeing pictures of past customers or company employees, potential customers can hear them speak, watch their body language and strengthen their relationship with your company. Video testimonials are at least twice as effective as written testimonials. Any good web design company should be able to help you with web video production to enhance your web site.

It is also important to optimize images and videos for SEO. Make sure your web design/SEO company does that by including the appropriate tags.

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