Maintaining your WordPress website is just as important as locking the doors of your business when you leave for the day, or maintaining your fleet of commercial vehicles. Your business website is a key part of how you market your business and attract customers, so it stands to reason you should keep it secure and running smoothly. That’s where regular WordPress maintenance comes in. WordPress maintenance Includes a number of tasks that should be performed at least monthly. They include:

Performing Regular Website Backups
A regular backup of your website to an external location protects you in the event that you fall victim to a ransomware attack. In case you’re not aware, ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts your system files and makes them useless. It essentially takes your website hostage until you pay the ransom, often demanded in Bitcoin. Ransomware is on the rise, with individuals, companies, and corporations all falling victim. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 2020 Internet Crime Report, 2,474 ransomware incidents were reported in 2020. That’s nearly 7 cases a day. And not everyone reports falling victim – they just pay the ransom.

You can fall prey to an attack simply by clicking on a link in an email or visiting an unsecure website. Failure to download and install security updates and patches to your operating system also makes you vulnerable. While you may have set up automatic backups with a WordPress plugin, those backups are useless if you are locked out of your website. But a monthly external backup allows you to restore your website and avoid extended downtime, without paying the ransom.

Every Website Is a Target
If you think that you’re just a small business owner with a small website and hackers or other bad actors wouldn’t target you, think again. For ransomware bad actors, it’s all about the money and the ransom they expect to get. For hackers, it’s not necessarily about the money they can get from you. They want to hijack your website to use its server as a hosting environment to send spam emails or attack other servers. Or they may inject code to harvest email and credit card information from your customers. In both situations, the bad actors may create bots to scour the internet for vulnerable websites. Once they find one, they launch a stealth attack, or a brute force attack.

Running a Website Malware Scan
Another WordPress maintenance task is running a regular website malware scan. Remember when we talked about hackers? They can inject code into your site that runs in the background, stealing visitor’s information, or infecting their computers. If we find malicious code, we will remove it. We will also suggest changing your admin usernames and passwords to something stronger and add password protections such as two-factor authentication and limiting the number of log-in retries.

Implementing WordPress Updates
WordPress rolls out updates for themes and plugins on a regular basis. Automated updates can sometimes cause problems. That’s why we recommend manual plugin updates, which helps ensure no WordPress plugins interfere with another aspect of your website. We can also update your WordPress theme manually. You can set up automatic updates, but don’t let them give you a false sense of security. And be aware that new releases of plugins can contain bugs or errors, which can impact site functionality. Major core updates should be implemented ASAP to keep your WordPress site secure and running at optimal performance. You should always be running the latest version of WordPress.

For Most Business Owners, WordPress Maintenance Is NOT a DIY Job
Most small business owners are crazy busy keeping customers happy, deliveries on time, and projects moving forward. It’s also unlikely that you have an IT department that can make the needed updates and perform the maintenance tasks. That’s why it’s a good idea to outsource your WordPress maintenance. Doing so gives you peace of mind that your website will remain fully functional and secure, while you focus on running your business. It’s the same idea as taking your car to a mechanic rather than fixing it yourself, or hiring a plumber to fix a burst pipe. You let the professionals handle the stuff that isn’t in your area of expertise. That makes good business sense.

Sign Up for a WordPress Maintenance Plan
If you’ve tried to do your own WordPress maintenance and broke something, or you can’t spare the time, we can help. And if your current website maintenance service leaves something to be desired, we can do a better job.

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We offer WordPress maintenance services to existing clients only, at the affordable rate of $60 a month. So, you may want to look into our SEO services and website design services while you’re here. We work with small business owners mainly in Harford County, Baltimore County, and Cecil County. Fill out the contact form or call us at 410-420-9390 to get started.