Thu Oct 30  Website Design

Make your site inviting to new and existing customers!  There’s nothing like an outdated, cluttered, clunky Web site with spelling errors and broken links to drive away prospective customers. How can you make your site an inviting place? Here are some tips for improving key aspects of your web site. […]


Mon Oct 13  Website Design

As a small business, your website is vital to your marketing efforts. People come to your website for a specific reason, and you want to make sure you answer their questions and make it easy for them to decide to choose your company to provide a certain product or service. […]


Tue Oct 7  Website Design

OK, so you’ve decided to take the plunge and hire a website design company to create your new website. Maybe this is your first website, or your existing site needs an overhaul. Be careful who you hire, though, and make sure you do your homework. A poorly designed or poorly […]


Wed Aug 27  Website Design
What is a domain name?     By Mike Parr

A domain name is your web address. You know, your www. address. Example: It is generally letters of the alphabet but can contain numbers as well. Think of a domain like a post office box. You go to a business that is a re-seller, of domain names, and pay them to rent that […]