Once your website is built

People will come, only if you Market it!

At Coastal Web Marketing, our Local SEO Services will bring you new business. Chances are that you are a local business owner or manager looking to purchase services we offer. In addition to SEO, we offer custom Website Design as a service tailored to meet your visual needs and reflect your corporate identity well. Most business owners do not execute their marketing correctly which is why you are looking at coastal web, and we appreciate you being here!

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Do you need to efficiently increase your sales?

And, if you recently purchased a website that doesn't mean people will visit that website.

Your website has to be marketed! There are billions of web pages out there competing for the top 10 spots for any given search phrase. Getting to page 1 on a web search is like winning the lottery if you have not marketed your website.

How do I market my website?

If you are a business owner you probably know your business inside and out.

But more than likely you know much less about how to get sales leads in today's digital environment. To get more sales, do you do print, radio spots, tv spots, digital ads, SEO, Local SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, mailing lists, etc..?  To say its overwhelming is an understatement.

Why start with SEO or Local SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of optimizing your website for search engines.

Its purpose is to get more people visiting your website then taking an action like buying a service or product from you. SEO is generally for a large geographic area like mid-atlantic states versus Local SEO, which is for local business, such as your county, township, zip codes, etc...

Who needs Local SEO?

Any business that wants to make more money selling services or products to their local market.

Small businesses thrive on purchases from other local patrons. With the economy taking a big hit lately from the corona virus, regulations, layoffs, etc., there is no longer time to wait for business to show up at your door.

  • Local SEO:    46% of leads
  • Organic:    49% of leads
  • Pay-Per-Click only gets 5%
Local SEO Services in Maryland Coastal Web Marketing

Why work with us?

We are a small SEO company that has helped hundreds of small businesses increase their web traffic and their bottom line, by utilizing the power of local search and organic SEO, or search engine optimization. We fine-tune your SEO strategy for your particular business.

We’re upfront in everything we do, from the initial SEO analysis to implementation to explaining what the SEO analytics mean. Our clients come to us because they know our reputation as an SEO company with talent and integrity.
We know that one size does not fit all. Unlike some so-called SEO companies out there, we don’t spam your inbox with promises we can’t keep or use black hat techniques that can get you penalized by Google.

99% Content Strategy

We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of our content writing services.

If you want to perform well on website marketing. Our content writers have years of expertise in SEO content writing.
Good, informative, and easy to read web content can help you place higher in organic search results. And of course, that’s a good thing!

You need to spend time running your business and providing great customer service. Leave the content writing to us.

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Go with Local SEO and Organic SEO to gain more business leads!

Our job is to get you in the top 3 of local search and in the top 7 of organic search, on search terms that relate to your business services. Once the visitor gets to your web page, through content and call to actions, we will analyze your analytics, and other tools, to help guide future visitors from viewing your page to taking an action. Interested in working with a trusted SEO company you can partner with for future success?    

If you’re ready to grow your business, our local SEO services can help. We’ll start you off with a FREE SEO analysis so you can see where you currently stand. We’ll also show you where you stand among your competitors. Then we’ll give you a broad outline of some of the things we can do to optimize your website. Call us at 410-420-9390 or use our contact form, and someone will be in touch shortly.