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If you’re guilty (or your website is guilty) of some of the mistakes in the infographic below, you are missing out. Coastal Web Services can help you take advantage of every opportunity with some changes to your website. Call us today at 410-420-9390 or use our contact form to get started. We provide web design and SEO consulting services to small business clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as the Carolinas and the Gulf coast. We’d love to work with you.


How Long Before I See SEO Results?


The folks at Google recently released a video about how to hire an SEO company in which Maile Ohye of Google says that you really need to give the SEO company you hire 4-12 months to see tangible results from their search engine optimization efforts.

A good SEO company will tell you up front that results will not be immediate, and that implementing SEO efforts takes a bit of time to see results, and then fine tuning once your rank in the search engine results (SERPs) starts to improve.

Even once you are on the first page of results for the key phrases you want to do well on, work still needs to be done. Things change so fast in the SEO world that it’s important to continue to work on your SEO strategy over the long haul. Search engine optimization is not a one and done thing. It’s a long term investment in your company.

If you’re ready to use the power of SEO to help you bring in new clients and grow your business, contact Coastal Web Services today for a free website analysis and SEO analysis. Your SEO is only as good as your website’s design, ease of navigation, page names and content.

Coastal Web Services is a Baltimore area web design company providing web design and SEO services to clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as California and Alabama. Call us today at 410-420-9390 for a free consultation.

Google Video: How to Hire an SEO Company


We’ve posted blogs before about how to hire an SEO company, but sometimes hearing it from an independent source is more persuasive. How about tech giant Google? Google recently released a video named How to Hire an SEO, by Maile Ohye. Ohye has been part of the Google search team for more than ten years.

According to Google, the SEO hiring process has three main steps:

  1. Conduct a two-way interview with several SEO companies. You ask them questions, and they ask you questions. For suggestions, check out this blog.
  2. Check their references. Call up existing or previous clients. Don’t just read the testimonials.
  3. Ask for a technical and search audit and analysis of your website. Most companies will do this for free.

Here’s the video.

If you’re in the process of hiring an SEO company to optimize your website, Coastal Web Services would love to meet with you. We offer free website analysis and SEO analysis to help us and our clients see what’s working and what needs to improve or be scrapped altogether.

Coastal Web Services is a Baltimore area web design company providing web design and SEO services to clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as California and Alabama. Call us today at 410-420-9390 for a free consultation.

Will Adding a Blog Help My SEO Efforts?


Will Adding a Blog Help My SEO Efforts?

If you’re already investing in SEO services for your business website, congratulations. You’re making one of the best marketing investments there is. But are you doing everything you can?

A blog can be a big investment timewise, if you write it yourself, but the SEO benefits can really make it worth your time. If you’re a small business and you need to focus all of your energy on your projects and getting new clients, consider adding blog writing into your SEO services contract. Coastal Web Services provides monthly blog writing in certain SEO packages.

Adding a blog to your website improves its search visibility. A blog is part of your content strategy that can allow you to rank for more keywords, or rank better for your top priorities.

Ideally, your website content provides an expert level of knowledge about what it is you do – whether you sell used machinery, you are a custom home builder or you’re a landscaping company. This helps make sure you meet Google’s quality guidelines. By adding a blog to your website, you gain search engine results page (SERP) real estate, which provides additional touch points for users to discover your company. By creating new content, you will inevitably be expanding your keyword set.

By increasing your visibility through SEO and writing a blog, the likelihood that different pages of your website will appear in the same SERP list, which in turn leads to an increased click-through rate.

To sum it up, content creation, particularly blogs, is critical if you want to expand your company’s profile. As an added bonus, adding fresh content requires Google to regularly crawl and index your site, and fresh content is a consideration when Google ranks your page in search results. In addition, if your website lacks on-page content due to aesthetic purposes or because it’s an e-commerce site, a blog is an excellent way to beef up your content offerings and target specific queries.

For more information on blog writing and how to write a blog, check out some of our previous posts.

If you want to add a blog to your website but don’t have the writing ability or the time to do it yourself, call Coastal Web Services today at 410-420-9390 to add blog writing to your SEO services plan.

Should You Use Cookies on Your Business Website?

SEO Website Design

Have you ever visited a website, looked at a product or researched something only to have an ad for that product or website appear elsewhere online, such as in your Facebook feed, or as an ad on a totally unrelated website? If you feel like you’re being followed, you are.

This is done with the help of tracking pixels, tags and website cookies. Did you know you can use these same tactics to track visitors to your website, monitor specific actions on your website or track and improve your internet marketing programs?

Why Use Pixels, Tags & Cookies?

There are multiple upsides to using tracking pixels. You can gain insider knowledge about who visits your site or social media platforms, and what they do while they’re there, including how long they stay on a page. This allows you to hone in on what is attractive to potential customers, as well as send out a retargeting ad to bring them back to your site. Facebook retargeting is a common example of this.

Getting Started

Implementation is pretty easy. A company, advertiser, or third party generates a pixel or snippet of code for your site. You or your website administrator add the code to your site. When a user visits your site, that pixel drops a cookie. Depending on what you’re using or tracking, different ads would then show up to the visitor based on his or her previous history with your site.

Keeping Track

There are multiple analytic tools available to track cookies: Google Analytics, Hubspot, Facebook Insights, Twitalyzer, ClickTale, Compete. No matter the analytic tool you decide to use, you should definitely take advantage of what cookies have to offer! When used to their fullest extent, they can work wonders for your business on the web.

For a more in-depth discussion on whether cookies could help you grow your business, contact Coastal Web Services for a chat. We can implement the program and use the analytics to help you grow your business through targeted advertising, changes in content, etc.

If you need a web design company or SEO services, call Coastal Web Services today at 410-420-9390 today for a free consultation.

Cost Effective SEO


Cost Effective SEO 

When we meet with clients for a new web design project or to consult on SEO services, we introduce them to the concept of cost effective SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies around today. SEO will improve your ranking on the search engine results pages, increase traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.

Maryland SEO Services

Our SEO services will likely involve changing the navigation of your website, perhaps adding or deleting pages, renaming pages, rewriting or adding to your content to optimize for SEO. A lot of this is done all at once, and then we provide ongoing SEO services on a monthly basis. For a full outline of our SEO program, visit our SEO Services page.  

SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for your products and services online. SEO’s inbound nature helps businesses save money when compared to outbound strategies like cold-calling and direct mail. While cold-calling and mailers can still be an effective strategy, the leads generated cost 61% more than leads generated by an inbound strategy like SEO! And since SEO zeroes in on users who are actively searching for products and services like yours, the traffic resulting from SEO is more qualified than many other marketing strategies, resulting in cost-savings for companies. 

You can easily measure the success of your SEO strategy. The SEO experts at Coastal Web Services can track nearly every aspect of your strategy, including metrics like increases in rankings, traffic and conversions. Our comprehensive analytics also provide the ability to drill down to see demographic information and other engagement metrics for individuals who have interacted with your website. For Ecommerce sites, we can show you which paths users take in order to complete a sale, all the way down to which keyword they used to search for you prior to purchasing. For non-Ecommerce sites, you can attach values to your lead conversions, like a ‘contact us’ form fill-out, or phone call from a mobile site link and calculate the value of your SEO strategy that way. 

Coastal Web Services is a Baltimore area SEO Company and Web Design Company. Based in Bel Air, Maryland, we incorporate SEO Services into your new web design or into your existing web design to help you increase your business. Contact us or call us today at 410-420-9390 for a free SEO Analysis to see how our SEO services could help you.

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