Is the Page Load Time on Your Website Costing Your Business?

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Simply put, page load time is the amount of time it takes for a web page to fully load into a person’s browser. We’ve talked before about the need for speed when it comes to your website. We are an instant gratification society, and when we click on a website, whether from a laptop or a mobile phone, we expect instant results. People are impatient. No one wants to see that little spinny thing. We’ve said they may not wait around for your site to load. Well, it’s worse than we thought.

A new study shows many online shoppers and researchers won’t wait more than five seconds for a page to load before clicking over to the next retailer or service provider. The study from Soasta, a company that measure’s website performance, says a third of shoppers will leave a site if they have to wait more than 5 seconds for it to load. People who leave your site while it’s loading comprise your “bounce rate.” If another second is added on to the load time, making it 6 seconds, the bounce rate increases by a full 3 percentage points.

Now, people are more inclined to wait if they know internet traffic is heavy, such as on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or if you have another big sale going on. But if it’s just a regular day, a lot of potential customers are going somewhere else. And mobile users are especially impatient. If a page doesn’t load in 3 seconds, they are out of there.

So, have you checked the page load time on your website lately? Have you tested it on both a PC and a mobile phone? What were the results? If you’re not happy with your page load time and you’re looking to increase website performance, we can help.

There are a number of things our web developer can do behind the scenes to speed up your page load time and make your site faster and more attractive to potential customers. If you’re ready to work with a web design company to improve the performance of your website, call Coastal Web Services at 410-420-9390 today for a free website analysis. If you don’t yet have a small business website, we can design one for you, and start with SEO from the beginning, to make the most of your investment.

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