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Archive for March 2015

Top Ten Reasons to Get a Small Business Website

  If one more person asks you, “What’s your website address?” and you don’t have an answer, you may need to rethink your business priorities. You may think you don’t need a small business website, or that hiring a website design company is too expensive. To put it bluntly, you’d be wrong. A well-designed website…

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Choosing Among Website Color Schemes

OK, so you’re working with a web design company to develop your new website. One of the most important things that will determine the look and feel of your website is the website colors you choose. If you’re wondering how to choose the right colors for your website, keep reading. For some background, you may…

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Text Writing for Web Video Production

  Web videos are yet another way to add new content to your website, to make it more interesting to Google, which of course places you higher in search results. Read more about our web video production services here.  If you decide to write the text for your web video yourself, we’ve compiled some helpful…

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I’ve Got a Website, Now What?

Keeping your site fresh and up to date is a good way to show the Search Engines that your website is worth visiting. Search engine crawlers can see the date that your page was last updated.  If it has new content they will re-index it. If it is not new, they will pass it by.  If the…

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How to Choose Web Fonts for Your Website

  Font sizes and fonts are limited for website design if they are text. If they are graphics that look like text, search engines won’t recognize that info to help you with search engines. A different font on a logo or background is fine, but when it comes to page names and page text you…

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How to Write a Blog

Blogs are an easy addition to your web marketing strategy. Blogs can help you get free traffic, engage your customers, and help you increase business. Writing blogs creates new content for your website, and Google LOVES new content. OK, so you’re busy. Blogging for small business might not seem like a priority, but consider this:…

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Web Marketing: 5 Consumer Review Sites That Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Thanks to sites like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List, local businesses often find themselves at the mercy of online reviews. Because people rely on the opinions of others, reviews have the potential to help or hurt your business, depending on the review. But you’re not helpless. Many rating and review sites allow companies to “claim”…

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Online Reputation Management – Is Your Reputation in Trouble?

Chances are someone is searching for information about your business or business category online right now. What will he or she find out about you? It depends on your company’s online reputation. Hopefully, there are signs of a good online reputation. For instance, your company’s online information backs up what people already know. Your small…

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Common Mistakes Small Business Make Online

OK, so if you’ve been listening, and reading this, you probably have already taken care of the biggest must-have for small business. You have a website, or are in the process of getting one.  But now you face the issue of how to use your website for marketing purposes, and avoiding common mistakes. Three common…

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Top Websites Every Small Business Owner Should Visit in 2015

Running a small business is tough. Not only do you need to focus on your customers, your employees and the bottom line, but it is also important that you stay on top of industry news, and that you are always in the loop about what is going on around you. Here are the top small…

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