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Will Adding a Blog Help My SEO Efforts?

Will Adding a Blog Help My SEO Efforts? If you’re already investing in SEO services for your business website, congratulations. You’re making one of the best marketing investments there is. But are you doing everything you can? A blog can be a big investment timewise, if you write it yourself, but the SEO benefits can…

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Blogging by the Numbers

The question is no longer should you blog, but how often? While paid advertising has and always will play an important role in your business marketing strategy, organic SEO (search engine optimization) is becoming more and more important, as the majority of people now go online when they’re looking for a new product or service.…

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How to Write a Blog

Blogs are an easy addition to your web marketing strategy. Blogs can help you get free traffic, engage your customers, and help you increase business. Writing blogs creates new content for your website, and Google LOVES new content. OK, so you’re busy. Blogging for small business might not seem like a priority, but consider this:…

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Does My Business Need a Blog?

You may think that once you have a website design and your website is up and running, that that is the last time you need to think about it. Wrong. If you allow your website to stagnate, and all of the content is outdated, your site won’t perform highly in search engine results, and if…

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