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SEO: Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

Optimizing your website to attract search engine attention — a practice known as on-site search engine optimization — can be a complex process. However, following three simple steps can help improve your ranking, which may result in more visits to your site. Coastal Web Services is a local search engine optimization company experienced in creating…

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What is Google Analytics? And What Can it Do For Me?

Google Analytics is a service used to track website traffic, determine where it comes from, and then give detailed reports. Google Analytics also tracks sales if you have an online store/e-commerce website. In a nutshell, Google Analytics is an essential tool for any company with a website, so you can see how much business your…

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Text Writing for Web Video Production

  Web videos are yet another way to add new content to your website, to make it more interesting to Google, which of course places you higher in search results. Read more about our web video production services here.  If you decide to write the text for your web video yourself, we’ve compiled some helpful…

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So You Purchased a Website. What Happens Next?

First of all thank you for purchasing a new website! We really appreciate your business! Our goals is to complete your website within 60 days, but the reality is we can have your site done in most cases within 4 weeks if you send us all your text and pictures the same day you sign…

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Web Terms Coastal Web Services knows that web design terms can sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo. We break it down so it’s easy to understand what things like SEO, search engine optimization, web programming, and mobile web design can do to help you grow your business. Coastal Web Design Terminology: Let’s start with…

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Adding Pictures and Your Logo to Your Website

Using your logo and pictures on your web site personalizes your web site design to your business. High quality photos and logos enhance the look of your website. Dated photos and logos do just the opposite.   Common digital image formats are .jpeg ,(.jpg).gif, .png and .pdf.  Please refer to this article from Litmus for…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Reviews and Testimonials

DO Mine Your Recommendations People may already be saying nice things about your business, your products or you on other websites. If you find these tidbits, you can use them in your web marketing. Go through these sites like you’re panning for gold. Be ready to copy any nuggets you find and paste them into…

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Creative Ways to Get Customer Testimonials

A good web design and strong content will go a long way in getting potential customers to your web site. But some of the most powerful messages on your website don’t come from you; they come from your satisfied customers. Great customer testimonials tell people that your product or service is not only legit, but…

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Signs of Good Website Content Writing

Web content writing is a different animal than writing for print. Web copy is scanned, or glanced at. Not read for enjoyment. Visitors to your web site are looking for two things. Does your website offer that they are looking for? Can they find it easily? Good content writing puts the most important information first.…

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