Design is a key area of professionalism that is an unspoken promise of care and attention to detail. Good design helps relay your message without speaking using eye-catching detail, and uniform spacing paired with imagery. Carefully designed branding helps you reach important customers.

Thu Oct 29  Website Design
Website Design UX

On average, you have about 15 seconds to capture the attention of a new visitor on your website. It is therefore essential to create an optimal user experience (UX) if you want a website that converts. Website conversion can include prospects subscribing for a special offer or signing up for an email list, or making a […]


Sat Jun 20  Website Design
Web Design

Design has had many trends which now may be obsolete or, some of them still exist. The ones that have survived did so because of recurring indicators that have manifested as good web design in different styles changes, internet changes, and of course, web development changes. As time passed, CSS, HTML, and Javascript frameworks evolved. […]


Fri Oct 18  Website Design

Technical Questions When Creating Your Business Website The process of creating a website for your business can be an exciting time. But beyond deciding on the overall look of your website, and what the content will be, there are a lot of technical questions to answer when creating your business website. Coastal Web Marketing has […]


Fri Oct 18  Website Design

Web Design 101 – Images for Your Website Once you and your web design team have selected the look and feel of your website and settled on the navigation, you need to think about images for your website. The best web designs use photos – a variety of high quality photos that reflect your brand […]


Sat Nov 18  Website Design

OK, cue the creepy music. Your website could be scary to look at if it’s really outdated, is hard to read, has a lot of spelling errors or takes forever to load. And by forever, we mean more than three seconds. Seriously. Research shows that the majority of internet users say they will leave a […]


Thu Aug 31  Website Design

If you’re still a Yellow Pages kind of business, this article is for you. Did you know that nearly 90% of consumers do online research and read reviews before choosing where to buy a product or service? By not having a business website, you are taking yourself out of the mix of businesses that people […]


Tue Jun 20  Website Design

5 Things That Belong on the Home Page of Your Website Whether you call it a Home page, a Landing page or something else, that first page that visitors come to when they visit your site is your chance to make the right impression. Potential customers should be able to tell right away what products […]


Tue Jun 20  Website Design
Do You Need a Website Redesign?     By Mike Parr

If you ask 10 people how often you need a website redesign, you’ll get 10 different answers. A website redesign is not like changing the paint color in a room. It’s more like gutting the kitchen during kitchen remodeling. If small adjustments or tweaking can fix problem areas, then a full-fledged website redesign may not […]


Mon Jun 5  Website Design
Small Business Website Mistakes     By Mike Parr

If you’re guilty (or your website is guilty) of some of the mistakes in the infographic below, you are missing out. Coastal Web Services can help you take advantage of every opportunity with some changes to your website. Call us today at 410-420-9390 or use our contact form to get started. We provide web design […]


Thu Apr 27  Website Design
Website Design UX

Is Your Web Design Company a Good Fit? Let’s face it. People change. Goals change. Budgets change. For all of those reasons and more, it’s a good idea to reevaluate your relationship with your web design company every once in a while. Just like you would do with any other vendor, take stock of what […]