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Content Writing

Content writing is both a skill and an art. When it comes time to build your new website, or implement SEO services, it’s important that you have clear, easy to read, informative web content. With that in mind, Coastal Web Marketing offers web content writing services to all of our clients.

Creating new content or revising old content can be very time-consuming for the average business owner. In fact, the content stage is where many web design projects get bogged down, because you as a business owner really don’t have time to sit down and write. You’re too busy running your business, or you just aren’t a writer.

That’s where our website content writer comes in. She’s a former award-winning journalist who has been providing content writing services for a wide spectrum of businesses for more than 10 years.

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is an art. It’s more than just typing in words. By now, we figure you know that SEO stands for search engine optimization. There are a lot of behind the scenes things involved in SEO – things you never see. SEO content writing is visible to everyone. It is the text on the page that tells the story of your business, while utilizing SEO best practices. This includes incorporating the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Industry research
  • Utilizing proper headings
  • Optimized title tags, description tags, image alt text, etc.
  • Keyword density that hits the sweet spot
  • Writing in active voice
  • Writing easy to read, informative content
  • Using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Adding a Call to Action (CTA)
  • And more

Things to Avoid in Content Writing

Whether you write your content yourself, or use our content writing services, there are a number of things to avoid when it comes to content writing. Here’s our Top 10 Things to Avoid and tips on what to do instead:

  1. Plagiarizing someone else’s writing – Use original content only!
  2. Not crediting sources – If you use a quote or statistic, say where it came from. Better yet, link to it.
  3. Not doing any research – How can it be informative if you don’t know what you’re talking about?
  4. Not proofreading your work – This includes grammar, spelling, proper capitalization, etc. Visitors to your website will notice sloppy writing and think you’re sloppy in what you do.
  5. Failing to incorporate SEO in your content writing
  6. Keyword stuffing – Google will penalize you.
  7. Including too much industry jargon – Jargon is OK in small doses, as long as you explain the terms. Or link to a definition.
  8. Writing too many sentences with more than twenty words, which can make your content more difficult to read for the average person. See what we did there?
  9. Writing extremely long paragraphs – Break things up with bullet points or numbered lists. That makes your content easier to skim.
  10. Not linking to internal pages on your own website. Link to relevant pages, like we did in our first section above.

Even if you use our content writing services, it helps to be aware of things to avoid. It will help explain why your web content is written the way it is.

Bundle Content Writing with Your Web Design or SEO Services

Our content writing is an add-on service we provide. Save yourself time and headaches by letting us do the writing. You’ll be glad you did!

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Website Design Company in Maryland, Content Writing

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Website Design Company in Maryland, Content Writing

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