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In order to provide the best quality services for your business, we require online payment of services in advance for your services or we can provide a monthly payment plan on credit card or debit card. We are a small business and we cannot afford to be chasing money. If you are more than 30 days late you will be charged a $ 50.00 late fee, for each month you are late, to return to your program. That means if your credit card expires or your debit card expires you must notify us within 30 days with the correct information. We have changed merchant accounts so that we can allow you to easily add your payment to automatically pull from your credit card on the 1st of each month.

If or when your credit card is expired, we will no longer work on your site until you are caught up on your account. Once you are paid up we will provide the services you have paid for.

You still have the option to pay by check:
For SEO Programs, if paying by check, the SEO amount must be paid 2 months in advance. For all other non-SEO services, if paying by check, we require 50% down and balance is due within 90 days of signed contract.

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