Website security, or lack thereof, has been in the news a lot lately, and the trend is likely to continue. Whether they’re doing it for fun, doing it to access important and potentially sensitive information, or to create havoc, hackers are here to stay.

It makes the news when the big box stores, credit card companies or political organizations get hacked. What you may not know is that small business websites get hacked too. While the hackers may not be after your information, they are more likely to load sub-programs on your site to defame you, redirect users to an unsavory website (think porn), download malware onto a visitor’s computer, or simply make your website inaccessible. You may be the first one to notice the hack, or it may be a potential customer, or you may get a notification from Google or Bing that your site has been hacked.


Website Security Check

We can perform a website security check and offer multiple recommendations. Most of these have to do with making it harder for hackers to access your website through the back door.

Hackers can get into your website in several ways:

  • By guessing your password – we can help you beef it up
  • Using malware on your computer to capture your credentials – we have safety tips to avoid downloading malware onto your network
  • Finding a security vulnerability in specific software that you happen to be using (especially outdated software) – we offer web updates to keep you up to date with all of the security patches
  • And more

If we are building your website, we build it with website security in mind. If you have an existing site, we provide security maintenance programs for an added fee.

If you’re ready to partner with a web design and SEO company that takes website security seriously, call Coastal Web Services today at 410-420-9390.


Do you need help with your SSL Certificate upgrade? Coastal Web Marketing is a local Harford County Marketing company specializing in all things website related. We are reaching out to notify you about MAJOR CHANGES Google that may affect your website. Within the next month or so, Google plans to make changes that requires your website to have an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer), if you do not already have one. SSL is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser. This will tighten up security for the Internet, in general, but will specifically show the world your company is abiding by the new internet rules.

Without an SSL Certificate on your website, Google Chrome will not be able to display your website, and instead will display an error message stating that your website is not secure. This will cause customers to make additional clicks in an attempt to gain access to your website. Unfortunately, most people lack the patience to do so, and will most likely just leave your site. This will affect all those who search for your site using the Google Chrome internet browser. It is safe to say that this will take away most of the traffic that comes to your website.

Luckily, Coastal Web Marketing has a solution. We can add an SSL Certificate to your website and then configure your current website files to mat­­ch this new setup. The setup and configuration process will take approximately 3 hours and will be a one-time fee. Coastal Web Marketing will charge a one-time fee of $250.00, up until June 30th. Starting July 1st, this fee will go back to our normal rate at $300.00. When it comes down to it, this is a small price to pay to keep your website up and running effectively. The cost for an SSL Certificate is generally between $0.00-$75.00 per year, based on your web hosting plan, which will be billed separately by your web hosting company.

This is a huge amount of work for us as it affects all of our customers. Please fill out the form below and your upgrade will take place on a first come first serve basis. Don't delay as this upgrade is necessary before time runs out making your website no longer easily viewable.

You can call the office at 410-420-9390 Extension 2 with any questions and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

In order to get set up with your SSL Certificate fill out the contact form below and then make payment of $250 to set up your SSL.

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