Will Adding a Blog Help My SEO Efforts?


Will Adding a Blog Help My SEO Efforts?

If you’re already investing in SEO services for your business website, congratulations. You’re making one of the best marketing investments there is. But are you doing everything you can?

A blog can be a big investment timewise, if you write it yourself, but the SEO benefits can really make it worth your time. If you’re a small business and you need to focus all of your energy on your projects and getting new clients, consider adding blog writing into your SEO services contract. Coastal Web Services provides monthly blog writing in certain SEO packages.

Adding a blog to your website improves its search visibility. A blog is part of your content strategy that can allow you to rank for more keywords, or rank better for your top priorities.

Ideally, your website content provides an expert level of knowledge about what it is you do – whether you sell used machinery, you are a custom home builder or you’re a landscaping company. This helps make sure you meet Google’s quality guidelines. By adding a blog to your website, you gain search engine results page (SERP) real estate, which provides additional touch points for users to discover your company. By creating new content, you will inevitably be expanding your keyword set.

By increasing your visibility through SEO and writing a blog, the likelihood that different pages of your website will appear in the same SERP list, which in turn leads to an increased click-through rate.

To sum it up, content creation, particularly blogs, is critical if you want to expand your company’s profile. As an added bonus, adding fresh content requires Google to regularly crawl and index your site, and fresh content is a consideration when Google ranks your page in search results. In addition, if your website lacks on-page content due to aesthetic purposes or because it’s an e-commerce site, a blog is an excellent way to beef up your content offerings and target specific queries.

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If you want to add a blog to your website but don’t have the writing ability or the time to do it yourself, call Coastal Web Services today at 410-420-9390 to add blog writing to your SEO services plan.

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