Including PDFs on Your Website Can Improve Search Engine Optimization


Including PDFs on Your Website Can Improve Search Engine Optimization

A good search engine optimization company is always on the lookout for new ways to help you in your SEO efforts. While some of that is on the technical, back end of your website that you can’t see (think title tags, header tags, image alt tags, url names optimized for SEO, etc.) good, informative and continually updated content is critical to placing high in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Did you know that including PDFs on your website can help your search engine optimization efforts? Much like a good SEO company optimizes the images on your website with specific image alt tags containing key phrases, the same can be done with individual PDFs. If you sell or rent power equipment, put all of the owner’s manuals on a separate page. If you install HVAC systems with programmable thermostats, put the owner’s manuals up. If you sell technical equipment, put the product specifications up. You don’t have to be an e-commerce site to utilize PDFs in your website’s search engine optimization strategy.

Depending on how many PDFs you have, you can create one page just for the PDFs, or you can link to them from individual pages.

The beauty of this is, if properly optimized, those PDFs will turn up in two different kinds of searches. First, they’ll pop up when someone is looking for a specific product. Second, they’ll pop up when someone is specifically searching for an owner’s manual. How many times have you lost the owner’s manual on a product, or it never came with a printed manual and you looked it up online?

If you’re the one who posted the manual, it improves your chances that if someone discovers they need repairs, or need a new product or system, they’ll contact you. It’s critical that your SEO company optimizes the PDFs so that someone reading them can navigate to the rest of your site to contact you for service or order products.

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