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Video Production Company in MD

Coastal Web Services provides web video production services to all of our clients in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. If you need a video production company in MD, why not work with one that can also handle your web design and SEO needs? Web videos help you market your business in an interactive way. We are constantly evolving and mastering our industry’s latest technology in order to deliver creative web videos designed to engage the viewer.

With an experienced web video production company at your side, web video production can be made easy. And the effort you put into production pays off. Web videos can draw traffic to your website. If done right, they can also improve your search engine optimization. There are several web video formats, including still pictures, video, a combination of pictures and video. We provide a full line of web video production services, including.

  • Script writing
  • Provide background music
  • Provide professional audio
  • Take photos and video as needed
  • Video production
  • Add the completed video to your YouTube channel
  • Create a YouTube channel for you if you don’t already have one
  • Add your video to your web site

The best web videos for your business website are engaging and informative. We produce several types of videos:

Corporate Video Production

A corporate video is a great way to market your business in a visual way. Corporate videos start with your story. Our corporate video production team will work with you to tell a great story that makes a connection with your viewers. Too many facts and figures bog down a corporate video. You want your viewers to get a feel for what you do and why you do it. If you’re a family owned business, show your family. Everyone has a family.

Corporate video production takes planning. You have to think about who your audience is, and what might grab their attention. Are you particularly proud of one thing your company does, and does well? Show us. Corporate videos can be done using several formats, including all still photos, all video, a combination of still photos and video. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your ideas and how we can best translate them into video. We can also show you corporate video examples to help you get an idea of what the possibilities are.

Corporate videos on your website should generally not be more than two minutes long. Studies show most people won’t watch a video longer than that. If you want a longer format video for sales and marketing purposes when you meet with a client, we can help you with that as well. Just let us know, and we can produce a short form and a long form.

Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial videos on your website can help a prospective customer make a decision. Did you know that studies show 90% of people say their buying choices and hiring decisions are influenced by online reviews and testimonials?  Video testimonials are a great way to bring positive online reviews directly to your potential customers. Adding at least one testimonial video to your web site is a good choice for any company providing a service. Our testimonial video production is especially beneficial for businesses such as painting companies, home builders, home improvement companies, landscaping companies, and the like where you can utilize before and after pictures to go along with the customer testimonials.

Coastal Web Services is the web video production company you can trust to get the video done professionally and stay within your budget. We’ll help coordinate schedules to make the most of your time and the satisfied customer’s. We’ll get your approval of the script and the video before placing it on your website and your YouTube channel. If you already have before and after pictures and a written testimonial, you have most of what you need for a testimonial video. Testimonial videos seem more authentic than a written testimonial, because there’s a real person on the video. Now, if your clients are camera shy, we can work around that. And we make a point to never reveal the location of a home or business in the video itself. We value your client’s privacy.

Customer testimonial videos put the focus on the customer – the satisfied one, and the prospective one. You can use the video to show how you solve problems, and how your company is the obvious choice to solve those problems.

Product Demo Video Production

Professional product demo videos from a web video production company can be an effective marketing tool. If you sell products, product demo videos allow you to show the potential buyer how a product works, along with the special features that will make their lives easier. Before making a big purchase, most people do at least some research online, and that includes watching videos to see if a product will do what they need it to do. Product demo videos on your website do several things:

  • Give customers a virtual experience – If you can’t test drive a product, what’s the next best thing? You got it. A video where someone demonstrates the use of a product.
  • Fill in the gaps –Many times, seeing is believing. If you have a clear, comprehensive video that clearly outlines all of the benefits of a product, you’re a leg up on the competition that just describes the product.
  • Persuade people to take action – Encourage users to take a specific action (such as, click “buy” or click “learn more”) by demonstrating how a product works and answering the customer’s questions.

A good video production company will help you craft product demo videos that resonate. The video will be more than just about the product. It will be about the problem, the solution, and the experience.

Contact Our Video Production Company

Coastal Web Services provides all of the video production services you need to put one or more videos on your website. We’ll coordinate schedules, write a script, shoot the demo, edit audio and video together and get your approval at each step along the way, until we finally add the video to your website and YouTube channel. We look forward to working with you!

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