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Wed Dec 2  SEO

Local SEO Plan

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Thu Oct 29  Website Design
Rethink your Website User Experience (UX) to Get More Clients

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Sat Jun 20  Website Design
The Importance of Good Web Design

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Sat Jun 20  SEO

Writing content for your blog post may not be easy. Thinking about what to write is a struggle, but how to write what you want to talk about maybe even harder. Once you have the subject, you need to know how to put in words what you want to explain. You need to know how […]


Thu Dec 26  SEO
SEO Agency In Maryland     By Mike Parr

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION DONE RIGHT Coastal Web is an SEO agency in Maryland that provides search engine optimization (SEO) services for your business website. SEO Marketing is a method of full service digital marketing that can help you get more visitors to your website and convert visitors into paying customers. Why SEO Matters SEO matters […]


Fri Oct 18  Website Design

Technical Questions When Creating Your Business Website The process of creating a website for your business can be an exciting time. But beyond deciding on the overall look of your website, and what the content will be, there are a lot of technical questions to answer when creating your business website. Coastal Web Marketing has […]


Fri Oct 18  Website Design

Web Design 101 – Images for Your Website Once you and your web design team have selected the look and feel of your website and settled on the navigation, you need to think about images for your website. The best web designs use photos – a variety of high quality photos that reflect your brand […]


Fri Oct 18  Website Security
Common Website Security Issues     By Mike Parr

Common Website Security Issues Much like a burglar tries to break into your home, there are hackers who may try to take advantage of known website security issues to break into your business website. Why, you might ask? Well, if you have an e-commerce website, they may be looking to steal customer credit card information. […]


Tue May 1  SEO

Utilizing social media marketing has a huge potential to increase your sales. Let’s talk about Facebook, specifically. And no, we don’t mean Facebook ads. Your business Facebook page helps you increase brand awareness, improve brand loyalty and get better ranks in SERPs. And know that when we say “brand awareness” we are just saying make […]


Thu Apr 19  SEO

If you’ve noticed a drop or gain in the ranking of your website in Google’s search results in recent days, you’re not alone. And it’s not anything you did or didn’t do. Once again, it’s all about Google. Here’s what Google recently posted on Twitter: Each day, Google usually releases one or more changes designed […]